Text reads ‘Data Union 2.0 is complete!’ on a green background with wave patterns
Text reads ‘Data Union 2.0 is complete!’ on a green background with wave patterns

After months of development, all Swash users are now officially operating on Data Union 2.0. As the largest Data Union in the network, it was clear that migrating Swash to DU2 was going to take some effort and ongoing collaboration with the Streamr team to ensure it was done as smoothly as possible. This process took longer than expected, especially with rapid user growth over recent months, but it is now officially complete!

Swash members can now:

  • Claim referral rewards
  • Withdraw earnings for free using xDai sidechain
  • Stake liquidity on Honeyswap using DATA earnings

Keep reading to find out what…

In a world where data is digital, can blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a viable solution for creating a sustainable, human-centric data economy or does individual data monetisation make things worse? The advent of blockchain and Web 3 technologies has offered alternative ways of looking at value and power, but what role does it play in redefining the balance between people, technology, and businesses?

Swash CMO, Chloe Diamond, joins Shiv Malik (Streamr) and Sheridan Johns (Ocean Protocol), with their host, David Wood (Author & Chair of London Futurists), as they explore the current status of the decentralised data sphere, its use…

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to pause and look back on all of the achievements Swash has made during this crazy year. Although we haven’t hit all of our goals just yet, we have gained serious momentum, giving us the foundation we need to make 2021 a success.


Swash has grown from a technical experiment into a fully-fledged product with an array of features and integrations. …

We are excited to announce that Swash will be integrating with Chainlink, the market-leading decentralised oracle network that connects smart contracts to real-world data existing outside their native blockchains (off-chain). Through this integration, we will use a DATA/ETH Chainlink Price Feed oracle network to automatically calculate the balance needed to cover transaction fees on behalf of users.

Further down the line, we also intend to utilise Chainlink to implement a fairer revenue sharing mechanism where Swash members are rewarded according to the quality and quantity of their contributions. …

Firstly, congratulations to wallet holder 0x5E7cd9D0D4880b25e08da3Fd0F2dCA7693348555 for referring 8 new users to Swash this month! Keep an eye on your wallet for a bonus 1000DATA for your efforts 🚀

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at Swash. The release of Swash 1.2.0, the panel on The Role of Data Unions at Diffusion Digital, getting ready for the MyData Online 2020 conference in December, and now Streamr’s launch of the Data Union Framework, has led to many exciting talks with investors, data buyers, and promising partners. Watch this space!

This week’s post includes a few updates you might’ve missed, as…

Since the launch of Swash at the end of 2019, a lot has happened…

A cat behind a computer screen with the Swash browser extension page open
A cat behind a computer screen with the Swash browser extension page open
A sneaky peek behind the scenes!

Company News

We’re excited to announce that SwashData Tech Oy is now a Nordic company officially registered in Helsinki, Finland. We decided to move from Turkey to Finland to comply with EU law and to get closer to the market here, helping us reach investors, the tech ecosystem, and other key stakeholders.

Our team is still global, with contributors in Belgium, Canada, the UK, and Turkey, but everything else is now in Finland. If you’re around, come and say hi.

This time last year, a $1 million property purchase was made in the United States. A month prior, two houses were sold in the United Kingdom. On the surface, these events are far from out of the ordinary. But what makes these transactions unique is that they were the first instances of property being bought and sold using cryptocurrency.

Given the state of crypto in 2019 and the desire to find “the next big thing” in a bear market and post-ICO world, we have seen an emergence of new projects that seek to bring the benefits of blockchain and tokenization…

Source: Pexels

Although it’s taken a while, I’ve finally joined the podcast bandwagon.

I’ve collected a list of podcasts that I listen to regularly for anyone looking to get into the blockchain space who may be unsure of where to start, or who gets overwhelmed with the ongoing discussions and news stories with nowhere to filter. Coming from a non-technical, non-finance-related background myself, these podcasts have helped shape the way I consider the industry.

For blockchain beginners, I also recommend starting with books, but podcasts are a great supplement and perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles.

Bitgenstein’s Table

Hosted by Peter Keay…

Chloe Diamond

Content Designer, Media Editor & Curator at MoCDA, CMO at Swash.

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